President & CEO, Deb Hiller, Talks With CBS Radio’s “Cleveland Connection” About SAIDO Learning™

Deb HillerIn this edition of Cleveland Connection, Dave speaks with Eliza Jennings President & CEO, Deb Hiller, about SAIDO Learning and how it is being implemented at our community.

What is SAIDO? SAIDO is a non-pharmaceutical intervention that is proven to improve and even reverse memory loss among older adults with cognitive impairment. This breakthrough, life-transforming treatment is available in the United States through Eliza Jennings.

Eliza Jennings is the first location in the United States to offer SAIDO Learning™, an innovative proven method for improving the quality of life for older adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other symptoms of dementia. SAIDO has been practiced in Japan for more than 11 years with impressive results, and empirical data have proven its effectiveness.


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