Do You Know What My Name Is?

Eliza Jennings is receiving big mentions in local and national press surrounding the recent Cleveland Film Festival entry, ‘Do You Know What My Name Is?’ The film, directed by Naomi Kazama and Shigeru Ota, is an 88-minute journey into the life altering disease that is dementia—yet this is a journey built upon hope. Kazama and Ota take viewers to Eliza Jennings’ Cleveland, Ohio facilities where groundbreaking work with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have, through precise brain exercises developed by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima of Tohoku University, been shown to reverse symptoms of dementia in residents.

The film showcases actual Eliza Jennings residents and documents their participation in Eliza Jennings’ SAIDO Learning™ Memory Support program. Eliza Jennings staff member John Rodeman has a question for each patient, one both chilling in its context to adults in their golden years and incredibly hopeful to the sons and daughters of these residents: Do you know what my name is?

Throughout the film, viewers will discover the answer to this question. Thanks to the work of Eliza Jennings and Dr. Kawashima, the answer is now a resounding “yes.”

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