SAIDO Learning™ at Eliza Jennings Reverses Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Eliza Jennings, the trusted expert in innovative aging services, is the first aging services organization in the United States to offer SAIDO Learning, a non-pharmaceutical treatment proven to reduce and even reverse the symptoms of dementia and memory loss in older adults.

A leader in non-profit aging services, Eliza Jennings offers SAIDO Learning at each of its communities, including the expanded assisted living community at The Renaissance Retirement Campus in Olmsted Township, and its Assisted Living Community at Eliza Chagrin Falls in Westlake.

In a 2011 research trial, every older adult participating in SAIDO Learning at Eliza Jennings showed improved cognitive function. They socialized more with caregivers, family and friends, engaged in more daily activities, and even resumed old hobbies like knitting.

Eliza Jennings celebrates its 125th anniversary with a gala event June 21, 2013.  Proceeds from the benefit will support SAIDO for older adults in need. For more information about SAIDO Learning at Eliza Jennings, contact 216.325.1266.

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