Social Habits as Mental Fitness

In our increasingly Internet-driven times, the term “social network” has taken an entirely digital meaning. But there’s a valuable tool for seniors lying in our pre-millennial definition of that term. Some research shows that aging adults with an active social calendar and network of friends are less likely to develop the brain conditions like dementia.

A study published in The American Journal of Public Health has stated that women 78 years of age and older are more likely to retain mental wellness when active in a large group of friends. Less sociable women who may avoid group activities or regular gatherings are statistically more prone (but not by much) to developing dementia and other brain impairments.

Seniors living in communities like those within the Eliza Jennings network are always met with opportunities to engage and be engaged by others, and the sense of community while living on a wellness-focused campus encourages residents to make the most of retirement.

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